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Date Published: January 14th, 2006
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public key Moves to a New Server

In an effort to simplify things, I'm retiring my OpenBSD box that has faithfully served for over five years now. It's been great, but I don't like the fact that a power outage can take down the site for days while I'm away, or that I need to stay up on security patches all the time (which I don't).

So I had to update quite a bit of the PHP code that runs, which forced me to actually look at the PHP manuals for the first time in a while. But the app has been ported (with probably a few new bugs that I'll find soon enough) and it seems to be pretty stable.

I've moved to the Obscure Organization which is a group founded by some friends from the DC area. Their charter:

The Obscure Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that promotes community and creativity through technology. We provide free resources and training to people and organizations hoping to advance their use of technology in non-commercial creative works and community-building efforts.

I've been a member of Obscure since 1996 and the work that they are doing is really cool. I'm grateful to them, and to Richard Bullington-McGuire in particular, for such a great organization.

If you are interested, learn more and join the group!

by Christopher Heiser on January 14 20:56
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