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Date Published: March 19th, 2008
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NY-Area Motor Club

A friend has just signed on as the IT manager for Monticello Motor Club, which will open later this year:

Do you remember that first encounter? The gorgeous curves, the excitement of movement, the exhilarating fear of the unknown. Auto enthusiasts understand.

Monticello Motor Club (MMC) was created with you in mind.

Our race resort represents an exciting new concept in private country clubs. A place where members can share their passion for high performance automobiles less than a 90-minute drive from New York City.

Enjoy unparalleled access to our new world-class, 4.1-mile racetrack and our five-star country club.

Please review Membership Privileges for additional details.

Cheesy marketing. But a 4.1-mile circuit? Awesome.

by Christopher Heiser on March 19 02:29
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