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Date Published: March 24th, 2008
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Quite Possibly the Best Viral Marketing Campaign Ever

Okay, so there is a trailer for an upcoming documentary that's been making the rounds on the internets. The subject is a small town in Bavaria (Germany) called Oberpfaffelbachen that is starting a new tradition around a massive ramp they have built. The name: Rampfest, of course.

But here's the hilarious part:

  1. There isn't any town called Oberpfaffelbachen, despite the fact that the town has a fake homepage,
  2. A fake mayor with a fake welcome video
  3. A fake fake 'Miss Ramp' contest,
  4. A fake city councilor with a fake Friendster account
  5. The documentary, it turns out is also fake, but it has a real webpage promoting it
  6. The director is fake too, including his fake blog about the project

What it turns out to be is part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the new BMW 1-series coupe which will be launched in the US this year. Or, if you can't see this coming, launched to the US via the massive (and fictitious) 454-meter tall ramp.

The Statue of Liberty is only 93 meters tall including the massive pedestal.

I love it!

by Christopher Heiser on March 24 21:51
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