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Date Published: October 8th, 2008
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Once Again, We're Wrong

The rapid advance of science and technology seem to lull us into the sense that we're very close to understanding the world we live in. But time and time again, this hubris-fueled notion is disproved. Until recently, it was thought that the bottom of the deepest oceans was relatively unpopulated. So researchers designed a special camera to investigate the depths:

We thought the deepest fishes would be motionless, solitary, fragile individuals eking out an existence in a food-sparse environment. But these fish aren’t loners. The images show groups that are sociable and active—possibly even families—feeding on little shrimp, yet living in one of the most extreme environments on Earth.

There's a saying that truth is stranger than fiction. What we really mean is that the imagination of humans is woefully inadequate to anticipate the universe around us.

by Christopher Heiser on October 8 15:15
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