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Date Published: October 23rd, 2008
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The Quick Tech Roundup

Have the Koreans found a way to produce cheap hydrogen? Time will tell. But right now I'd settle for a really good extended battery for my 3G iPhone which tends to loose its juice pretty quickly. (Welcome to the club, Dr. Kahle!) But perhaps low batteries might have prevented this hilarious primate rampage on a Segway. Sadly, it doesn't even take a primate to realize how vulnerable our voting system is with the introduction of new (and often poorly-conceived, closed-source) technology. But that's okay; regardless of who wins we'll still be subsidizing insanely expensive building projects in oil-rich countries for at least a few more years. Readers know I have a soft spot for oil-burning vehicles, and apparently so does Eric Bana who is filming a documentary about his racing team. Myself, I'll keep hoping that great ideas like these will eventually find their way into modern motorsports, hopefully at the expense of dinosaurs like Mosely and Ecclestone, thank you.

by Christopher Heiser on October 23 17:35
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