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Date Published: November 16th, 2008
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Weekend Thoughts

First off, Firefox has begun to really suck. I often close the browser and save the window/tab state with perhaps 10 things open, and it now takes nearly a minute for the program to fully launch. Super annoying. I was going to reinstall, but I'm just going to wait for 3.1 to do anything rash.

I've been thinking a lot about 3-D graphics lately. I spent some time looking at patents, and like any other field there are a lot of very smart people thinking about the problem. One of the things that really interests me is a full end-to-end video system designed around the human visual experience. The current state-of-the-art in consumer 3-D leaves much to be desired. More on this later.

I was horrified to see that the malfunction rate of popular smartphones is so high, as much as 16% after the first 12 months. I can't think of any other consumer electronic segment that could tolerate such a high failure rate, and it gives insight into how planning around these products is so hard.

I'm also a big fan of applied psychoacoustics, so I'm left wondering how effective these new 8-speaker headphones are at creating a true Dolby 5.1 sound experience.

South Korean researchers have claimed to produce a Lithium Ion battery that has eight times the kw/h rating as today's offerings. I'm skeptical, and moreover it seems that similar announcements occur each week. Commercialization is the key for all such breakthroughs, so only time will tell. But it's exciting nonetheless.

And finally, I've been listening to my old friend Beethoven a bit more recently. It was with happiness that I ran across this video clip over at Balloon Juice, Austrian classical master Herbert von Karajan conducting the unparalleled 9th symphony. Enjoy.

Part 2 also available.

by Christopher Heiser on November 16 19:36
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