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Date Published: March 30th, 2009
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Closed-Loop Audio Tuning for Cars

When you look at high-end home audio, the concept of 'room tuning' becomes important in order to create the best listening experience. This is usually done by hand, iteratively, and by experts with years of experience. This process looks includes modifying the placement of components as well as the listening position, and can also involve adding devices designed to modify the acoustic response of the room.

As you can imagine, the 'room' that is the interior of a car presents a much tougher challenge. As such, the quality of any car stereo is a massive compromise to the geometry of the cabin. But a new technology in sonic profiling looks to address this issue. By using an in-line signal processor, this invention modifies the source signal based on a set of closed-loop tests run in the vehicle. The result is an optimized reproduction of the original signal. Pretty neat; I'd love to check this out myself.

by Christopher Heiser on March 30 16:18
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