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Date Published: March 9th, 2010
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The Simple Things

I just love this first chord voicing of Nouvelle Vague's cover "Wishing" originally by Flock of Seagulls. Its an inverted G5 strummed into an inverted Am, like this:

x x 0 0 1 3


x x 2 2 1 0

You can mute the bottom two strings using your thumb. The chorus is D (2nd position) and Em (1st or 7th position). But it's the first G5 that sounds so great, especially on a good acoustic guitar.

The song is a bonus track from Nouvelle Vague's eponymous first album. Sadly, the track is not available on iTunes and is only available on the French version of their CD. You can catch 30 seconds of the song at BeeMP3 or find the song online. You shouldn't have to go to France just to hear this excellent track.

by Christopher Heiser on March 9 23:01
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