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Date Published: July 24th, 2010
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For those not watching the Tour de France: Andy Schleck lost 39 seconds on stage 15 when his chain slipped and Contador attacked leaving Schleck behind.

At the end of today's time trial--the effective end of the tour as the Sunday stage is not raced for general classification-- Contador stands 39 seconds in the lead.

The press seem ready to forgive Contador, but after last year's tour it's clear he is a ruthless competitor. That may be the new normal for the Tour, but it's sad to see such a great race decided by a simple chain slip. Moreover, the world was robbed of a chance to witness a spectacle unseen since the 1989 Tour which was decided by a scant 8 seconds.

I'll be rooting for Schleck in 2011.

by Christopher Heiser on July 24 17:56
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