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Date Published: November 24th, 2011
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Create Jobs?

Sounds great, but actually creating jobs isn't that simple, or even possible from a policy standpoint. From the article:

The second area of agreement is the most important: an economy is truly healthy only when its people know how to make and do things that others will pay them a decent amount for. Jobs, in other words, are not the cause of a healthy economy; they’re the byproduct. And that’s another thing most national politicians know but will never say.

So perhaps instead of (or, at least, in addition to) arguing over plans that aren’t going to happen, we should focus on what almost certainly will come true. The economy that emerges from this recession is going to be different. Without the distortion of a credit bubble, it is clear that far too many Americans don’t know how to do anything that the world is willing to pay them a living wage for. No economic theory offers them easy salvation.

All the more reason to focus on training our workforce to build new things that the world wants. Food for thought for this Thanksgiving.

by Christopher Heiser on November 24 16:08
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