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Date Published: December 16th, 2011
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US Drone "Hacked" by Spoofing GPS Signals?

I've been watching with great interest how Iranian claims of hacking the US drone went from impossible to improbable to verified--and now, apparently, explained by clever but simple attack on the GPS system. Basically, the hackers allegedly jammed the control signal (which was encrypted and nearly impossible to crack) and then broadcast fake GPS signals. This caused the drone to panic and "fly home" to a location that wasn't actually home.

Here's something that we Americans really need to internalize: our military is very good at building weapons. They are really bad at software, and horrible at security. It's the biggest weakness in our defense systems, and an area in which we continue to lose ground to nations with which we are fighting or will probably fight. If the reports of the drone hacking are correct, it's a glaring reminder of this fact.

by Christopher Heiser on December 16 22:46
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